Land for Tomorrow Releases 2016 Conservation Yearbook

In conjunction with its annual Lobby Day on May, 24 2016, Land for Tomorrow released its 2016 Conservation Yearbook, which tells the stories of some of our state’s “faces of conservation” and provides a county-by-county listing of successful conservation projects made possible by the state’s three conservation trust funds.

Conservation supporters from across North Carolina came to Raleigh to educate state legislators about how important land and water conservation are to our state’s health, economy, and quality of life.  Participants pushed for increased funding of the state’s three successful conservation trust funds. It’s an investment in the future!

Here are a few other publications addressing the work that we do.

Land and Water Conservation in NC

Conservation Trust Fund Fact Sheet


September 16, 2015

Land for Tomorrow commends the General Assembly for increasing funding for the Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF), the Parks & Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF), and the Agricultural Development & Farmland Preservation Trust Fund (ADFPTF).  The budget includes over $17 million in additional funding for these three trust funds over the biennium, which is a substantial increase from recent years.  Investments in clean water, parks, farmland and forest protection are critical to our economy, health, quality of life, and to military readiness.  In particular, Land for Tomorrow commends Senator Harry Brown, Senator Brent Jackson, Representative Nelson Dollar, Representative Chuck McGrady, and Representative Pat McElraft for their leadership in advocating for additional conservation funding. We look forward to celebrating the centennial of our great system of state and local parks with the Governor, General Assembly and citizens of North Carolina in 2016 and beyond. *see breakdown of funding below

We also strongly support keeping the state’s natural resource and conservation programs, including State Parks, the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, and the Natural Heritage Program, together in one Department. We thank the General Assembly for including the Clean Water Management Trust Fund and the Natural Heritage Program in the new Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. We look forward to working with the leadership of the new Department to conserve and appreciate North Carolina’s natural and cultural treasures.

*The FY15-17 budget includes:

  • Clean Water Management Trust Fund
    • A base budget of $11,675,530
    • An additional $5 million (nonrecurring) in FY 15-16
    • An additional $1 million (recurring) in both years for military buffers
    • Total funding for the biennium: $38.7M
  • Parks and Recreation Trust Fund
    • A base budget of $13,000,000
    • An additional $190,924 (recurring) in FY15-16
    • An additional $4,427,007 (recurring) in FY16-17
    • An additional $6,000,00 (nonrecurring) in FY16-17
    • Total funding for biennium: $37.2 M
  • Funding for State Parks Centennial
    • $250,000 in FY15-16
    • $200,000 in FY16-17
  • Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund
    • An additional $1 million (recurring) in both years for military buffers
    • Total funding for the biennium: $5,216,752



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