Lobby Day 2018

The Land for Tomorrow coalition convened advocates for the annual Land and Water Conservation Lobby Day in May 2018. Conservation leaders commended the Legislature for providing more than $22 million in additional funding for the state’s three conservation trust funds. These additional funds help keep the Clean Water Management Trust Fund and the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund at level funding from recent years, which will enable conservation groups to continue to work with our state partners to protect the state’s valuable natural resources.

“We appreciate the legislature’s support of these critical conservation trust funds. We look forward to working with the legislature in future years to continue to increase funding for these trust funds.”

- Bill Holman, Chairman of the Land for Tomorrow Legislative Committee.

In addition, the significant increase to the Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund will provide matching funds for two recent federal grants, including one that will help protect land around military bases from incompatible development, and another one that will help protect family farms in the North Carolina mountains.

Photos From 2018 Lobby Day