2023 Governor’s Budget Highlights Strong Support for Conservation Trust Funds

Thank you to Governor Cooper for your strong support of the North Carolina Conservation Trust Funds in your 2023 annual budget. Highlights include:

  • Increases North Carolina Land and Water Fund (NCLWF) and Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) recurring funds by $5.8M, bringing both funds up to $30M recurring
  • Adds an additional $25M in nonrecurring funds per trust fund per year
  • Adds a position for NCLWF
  • $25M nonrecurring for Great Trails State Fund
  • $5M to NCLWF for Flood Risk Reduction
  • $5M to NCLWF for Peatlands and Pocosin Restoration
  • For Farmland Preservation, a $2.5M increase in recurring funds, and an additional $20M in nonrecurring funds in the first year
  • In the capital budget, there are also funds for a few specific Parks projects

Read more about his commitment to protecting our natural resources:

2023 Budget Recommendations: https://www.osbm.nc.gov/budget/governors-budget-recommendations