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Conservation in the Media

How are Land for Tomorrow coalition members making the case for conservation statewide?

Through letters to the editor, opinion pieces, and important news and event media coverage, we ensure our voice is seen and heard in local communities and in Raleigh.

Here are the latest updates from across our network:

Funding is Needed to Meet Public Demand

The public demand for outdoor recreation opportunities continues to grow in North Carolina. Over 20,100,000 people visited NC State Parks in 2023 – a 4% increase over 2022. The statewide 2023 Year of the Trail successfully promoted our network of hiking, paddling, biking, and equestrian trails. The Made X Mountains Partnership recently released the results […]

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Johnston County’s Farmland is Threatened, But There is Hope

More state funding could help turn the tide of farmland loss According to the American Farmland Trust, Johnston County is in the top 20 counties in the nation under the greatest threat of farmland loss by 2040. Development threatens our state’s best agricultural land. The study projects that 71% of Johnston County’s farmland could be […]

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Conservation Wins Big in 2023 Budget

The North Carolina Land for Tomorrow Coalition is praising the 2023 state budget, which will pump more than $100 million per year into land and water conservation. “Protecting land and water is vital to many of the state’s most important industries, including agriculture, tourism, forestry, and the military,” said Bill Holman, NC State Director for […]

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Haw River Trail Becomes a State Trail

The local favorite joins 12 other distinguished trails across the state. The Haw River Trail is now an authorized state trail thanks to the perseverance of local advocates, nonprofit organizations, and North Carolina legislators Representative Stephen M. Ross, Senator Amy S. Galey, and Representative Dennis Riddell. “The Haw River State Trail is a lasting tribute […]

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2023 House’s Budget Shows Conservation is Vital

The recently released proposed budget from the NC House shows that conservation is a priority for the state of North Carolina. Thank you to all of the House members for your strong support in protecting and stewarding our land through conservation trust funds and more. A few highlights: Increases recurring funding for NCLWF from $24.2 […]

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2023 Governor’s Budget Highlights Strong Support for Conservation Trust Funds

Thank you to Governor Cooper for your strong support of the North Carolina Conservation Trust Funds in your 2023 annual budget. Highlights include: Increases North Carolina Land and Water Fund (NCLWF) and Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) recurring funds by $5.8M, bringing both funds up to $30M recurring Adds an additional $25M in nonrecurring […]

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