Why This Matters

Investing in North Carolina’s natural resources ensures future generations can have a wonderful place to live, work, and play.


The outdoor recreation and agricultural industries are the economic drivers for North Carolina. Outdoor recreation alone produces $28 billion in consumer spending and creates over 250,000 jobs, while the agricultural industry contributes $91.8 billion to the state economy. By investing in the conservation trust funds, the state’s economy can continue to grow and provide job opportunities for many North Carolinians.

Green Infrastructure

Protecting open spaces safeguards the green infrastructure across all of North Carolina. By conserving land and water, wildlife habitats, rivers, and streams are all protected, which in turn helps family farms thrive. Conserving water sources ensures North Carolinians' water quality is also protected all across.


Offerings opportunities to recreate at local and state parks can help state residents achieve healthier well-being and enhance their quality of life. Through fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, camping and many other outdoor activities, North Carolinians can explore and experience nature right in their own back yard.

What Can Legislators Do to Help?

State lawmakers are crucial in securing funding for North Carolina’s conservation trust funds. Here are three ways legislators can help:

  1. Support local and statewide conservation policies and initiatives that protect North Carolina’s natural, cultural, and historical open spaces.
  2. Listen to the conservation needs of North Carolina constituents.
  3. Commit to supporting funding for the North Carolina conservation trust funds.